The chemical compound namely CBD is derived from industrial hemp. It is infused with many different types of products, including oils and gummies. A CBD product containing 0.3% THC does not generally make you feel high. Likewise, the product does not result in the user testing positive in a drug screening provided that he or she has not taken way too much quantity of it.

This has rarely occurred because too much CBD product consumption has led to excessive THC intake. Then again, it is important to note that THC is what causes a positive test result, not CBD. We have underlined this point in one of our posts about CBD and drug screening.

If you consume a CBD product without THC, there is no way your drug test result turns out to be positive. This kind of product is classified as ‘CBD isolate’, and ‘broad-spectrum CBD’. It is only the full-spectrum CBD product that contains some amount of THC. Then again, if you consume large quantities of the full-spectrum product, or if the quantity of THC in your CBD product is beyond the legally-allowed limit, the result could be positive.

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