Does Hemp Milk Contain CBD?

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Hemp milk has been a popular choice among people who are looking for non-dairy milk alternatives. It is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant which is a specific variety of the cannabis plant.

Hemp seeds are commonly used by people for the large number of health benefits they provide. It is rich in different nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, zinc, manganese, vitamin E, and B vitamins which can also be present in your hemp milk. This milk alternative will also be fortified with many other essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium which are important for your body.

Hemp plants are known for cannabinoids like CBD, which is one of the major cannabinoids in this plant. Some of the best CBD products that are available for you include CBD oil, tinctures, isolates, edibles, beverages, etc. that you can choose based on your requirements.

Because hemp milk is derived from the hemp plant that is well-known for containing a lot of cannabinoids and various other beneficial compounds like terpenes, people believe that hemp milk also contains these plant materials.

Does Your Hemp Milk Have CBD?

It can be a surprise for many people to know that hemp milk does not contain CBD or any other cannabinoids for that matter. As both these products are derived from the same plant, people assume that hemp milk contains CBD. However, both of them are derived from different plant parts, hence, there is a huge difference in the compounds they contain.

Hemp milk is produced from hemp seeds that are free of cannabinoids and many other compounds present in other plant parts. Therefore, this plant-based milk is free of such compounds that are commonly found in your CBD products.

CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted from the flower, buds, and leaves of the hemp plant which has high concentrations of these compounds. Also, CBD will be usually derived from hemp varieties that are high in this cannabinoid.

So if you want to get the benefits of CBD, then hemp milk is not your ideal option. Instead, you can use any of the CBD products that are mentioned above for deriving the wonderful benefits provided by this compound.

However, there is great news for hemp milk lovers, as this product now comes with the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. Different manufacturers are adding CBD to their hemp milk for enhancing the benefits and medicinal properties of hemp milk. Therefore, you can derive the goodness of hemp seeds along with the health benefits provided by CBD just by drinking hemp milk.