The Steps And Instructions For CBD Bath Bomb Making

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CBD Bath Bomb Making
CBD Bath Bomb Making

The term ‘bath bomb’ refers to a hard-packed mixture of many different ingredients. You can soak it in bathwater for a range of effects that are beneficial to health. It is possible to make it with the ingredients that are allowed under the law. With the right ingredients and knowledge, it will be rather easy to make CBD bath bombs at home.

CBD bath bomb making is a process that may take much time and effort from you because there are several steps involved in it. Therefore, we will cut to the chase and list out the ingredients and steps required for it.

The Things You Require For It

Several natural things and some chemical ingredients are required to produce the bath bombs. Without any further ado, let us take a look at what the required things are.

  • Five round-shaped bath bomb molds that are made of a metal and that have a diameter of 2.56 inches.
  • One cup of sodium bicarbonate
  • Half a cup of lemon salt
  • Three-quarters of a cup of cornflour
  • Half a cup of bay salt
  • One tablespoon of a Holi powder that has the color of your preference
  • Two tablespoons of CBD oil
  • Three tablespoons of water or witch hazel
  • A quarter tablespoon of your preferred essential oil
  • Some dried herbs

The Process

Once you have the ingredients ready with you, it is time to get to the business end of CBD bath bomb making. Here is how to go about it.

  • Put the herbs in those metal molds
  • Combine every dry ingredient in a bowl built for this purpose, then blend it well and sift the concoction
  • Combine every wet ingredient in another purpose-built bowl, and then stir it well
  • Slowly mix all the wet components with the dry ones, at the same time as blending these with the hand. Spin your mixing bowl, and do the process in a way that all the things are blended evenly (this mixture’s consistency have to be similar to wet sand’s)
  • Now, press the concoction in those molds evenly
  • Let it sit for 48 hours to dry.
  • Take out the hardpacked mixture of all the ingredients from the molds. You may do this easily by tapping on half-molds using a spoon, and there you have it.

Although you have the option of purchasing a readymade bath bomb, be it CBD infused or not; the true joy in making one on your own is simply out of this world.