Best Herbs To Combine With Your CBD Oil

CBD And Herbs
CBD And Herbs
CBD And Herbs
CBD And Herbs

CBD oil carries a lot of herbal properties that make it a natural remedy for a wide range of diseases. Some of the impressive benefits of CBD are its effectiveness in controlling pain, seizures, nausea, inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, high blood pressure, etc. So with the help of CBD, you will be able to prevent and alleviate a large number of health conditions naturally.

CBD oil carries a lot of beneficial compounds that can enhance its properties. Some of them include cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and a lot of other phytonutrients. The presence of all these compounds can aid to derive better results from CBD oil.

Now, you can enhance the effectiveness of CBD oil with the help of some herbs too. By mixing CBD and herbs, you will be able to reap the benefits provided by both of them. The following are some of the best herbs to improve the effectiveness of your CBD oil.


Lavender is a relaxing herb and the pleasant floral scent it has makes it a wonderful option for aromatherapy and massages. Both lavender and cannabis have a compound called linalool in common. This is a terpene that can be found in your CBD oil and it is also abundantly present in lavender too. This terpene is responsible for giving lavender its pleasant aroma.

This compound carries some health benefits too. It is anti-inflammatory and has the ability to reduce the sensitivity towards pain. When combined with a cannabinoid called THC, linalool exhibits great muscle relaxant properties. The combination of CBD and linalool can help to enhance the anticonvulsant properties of CBD oil.


Both cannabis and rosemary have a terpene known as beta-caryophyllene. This terpene is shown to be able to interact with cannabinoid receptors, especially CB2 receptors. This interaction can help to reduce inflammation and regulate immune function. When combined with CBD, this terpene might help to control depression and treat addiction.

St. John’s Wart

This herb carries a lot of health benefits. It is found to have potent antidepressant properties. So mixing CBD oil in your St. John’s Wart tea can be useful for you to elevate your mood, as CBD also carries antidepressant and anxiolytic properties. But St. John’s Wart can interact with certain medications. So you should be careful when using it.

These herbs make a wonderful combination with CBD oil, as they are found to enhance its properties. Hence, by adding them to your CBD oil, you can derive better benefits.