Reasons To Recommend Small Concentrations Of THC In CBD Products

CBD And Herbs
CBD And Herbs
Cannabis Sativa
Cannabis Sativa

The popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) oil is increasing rapidly with more products being available in dispensaries, grocery stores, and other establishments. CBD products are available in the market in different forms – as topicals, tinctures, vapes, and capsules.

It was found that the two major compounds obtained from the Cannabis Sativa are THC and CBD though they are different cannabinoids.

Understanding THC 

THC is the most primary psychoactive compound obtained from the Cannabis Sativa and is well known for the same reason. The intake of THC often provides a feeling of euphoria as it alters the consciousness of a person to some extent. It also has other benefits like the benefit of relieving inflammation and pain, inducing a relaxed feeling, creating appetite, suppressing spasm as well as seizures, and suppressing the feeling of nausea.

Understanding CBD 

CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids obtained from the Cannabis Sativa and it does not cause any feeling of high to the users. Researchers are discovering a lot of medicinal uses of this compound and its effects have been proven in combating depression and anxiety, protecting the neurons, reducing tumor and cancer cells, relieving chronic pain, inflammation caused as a result of arthritis, and many more.

Is Using THC Necessary?

THC and CBD are two of the main cannabinoids obtained from the cannabis plant and they offer varied effects to the users. One of the major differences between these two compounds is that THC induces a feeling of high after use whereas CBD does not cause any feeling of high. However, it is believed to produce a stronger effect on the body when both the cannabinoids are combined and used which is known popularly as the entourage effect.

Strong Effects of CBD Oil when Combined with THC 

It is found through studies and surveys that many people are using CBD for relieving many health conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, inflammation, tumors, and more. However, combining THC and CBD is believed to enhance the overall effectiveness of its use on the body. Studies that were conducted in the past have found out that combining and using THC and CBD has provided better anti-tumor effect when compared to the independent administration of THC and CBD.

In addition to these, studies have also pointed out that the connection between THC and CBD has more potent for neuropathy when compared to the two compounds working independently. Thus, CBD tends to bring fewer effects when it is used without concentrations of THC in it.