Why Are People Administering CBD To Their Dogs?

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs

It appears that every person is purchasing CBD for pretty much every purpose presently. Proponents recommend CBD as a product that treats acne, cancer, and just about every other health condition. Unfortunately, some individuals have also been promoting it in the form of treatment for the coronavirus disease. This is unfortunate because there exists no evidence that it can treat COVID-19.

Anyhow, many individuals have been purchasing CBD for dogs for reasons you might not even imagine. Look at the first condition in this list, and you would realize that there is an oddity to how people have been seeing CBD.

For Canine Anxiety Due To Fireworks

Just before the Fourth of July, many individuals buy products such as CBD for pets that come under the canine category. There would be fireworks abound in the US on that day, and consequently, those customers know that these would put their dogs in a precarious situation. Some dogs have a condition known as ‘phonophobia’, which is characterized by a fear of loud sounds. Many dogs suffer from it, and they usually behave erratically when there are fireworks outside their house. The erratic behavior includes running around the residence, and even urinating in its nooks and corners.

Some owners try to tackle this by administering standard medication to their dogs, or by keeping the pets indoors with the television turned on. Sometimes, these measures might work, but most of the time, they would not help the dog to calm down. Anyhow, the Fourth of July example just shows that dog owners are willing to try CBD as a new way to tackle their dogs’ phonophobia.

For Relieving The Pain Of Arthritic Dogs

Any person who has had a bigger dog would be aware that arthritis is very common when a dog enters the age of 10 and beyond. Nothing else may be as depressing as noticing that your dog struggles with the kind of pain that does not even let it have a long amble in a park. Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory substance, which can help the dog relieve its arthritis symptoms. CBD may not cure canine arthritis, but it is potentially efficacious in reducing the symptoms of this condition; thereby aiding a grown-up dog to be active.

For Easing The Stress Of Nervous Dogs

Aside from fireworks, several other situations cause stress and anxiety in dogs. For instance, there is a form of anxiety known as separation anxiety. If your dog has it, it would scratch on the woodwork or even damage the cushion closest to it. A recent study in Japan demonstrated that cannabidiol considerably reduced anxiety in teenaged individuals diagnosed with a serious anxiety disorder. It may have been done on teenagers, but the thing that works for human beings also tend to work for puppies.

Research shows that cannabidiol is effective in both enhancing mood and easing anxiety by promoting serotonin production in the body. For an uninitiated, serotonin is usually referred to as a ‘feel-good’ hormone. The neurotransmitter gets this nickname because it can make the mood and feel stable.

For Lessening Vomiting

A dog vomits for all kinds of reasons. When it happens regularly, either because of an underlying health issue or in the form of a medical side effect, veterinarians would prescribe an anti-emetic drug. This is the kind of drug that can prevent vomiting. The thing with it is that it often has major side effects. Therefore, several individuals turn to cannabidiol. When given properly, CBD would not have any negative secondary effect. Above all, it works well as an antiemetic at easing vomiting, but in a way that does not leave the animal feeling any worse.

How Much Cannabidiol Do I Have To Give My Dog?

Several dog owners often ask this question online. As with any other medical supplement, CBD is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. In other words, there exists no one CBD dose that works for all dogs alike. The dosage depends on the health condition or issue that it experiences. Is it a mild injury? Is it a chronic form of discomfort? Is it some kind of irritation on the skin? Or, is it any of the conditions we have listed above?

At the end of the day, the more serious that issue, the higher will be the dose of cannabidiol required for treating it. Some dogs usually respond quicker than others would. Just like in the case of human beings, consider starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it with time to reach the ideal level. This is the way to find the optimum dosage of cannabidiol for any user, whether it is a dog or a human being.

Besides, it is important to talk to a veterinarian regarding the safety of administering CBD to the dog you own. They would know whether it is safe to do so.