Why High Doses Of CBD Fails You A Drug Test?


With the legalisation, along with therapeutic and medical uses, CBD is now being used by more people. It’s anti-anxiety and stress-reducing properties makes it an ideal supplement for workers to manage their work-related anxiety and stress. However, the question casting a shadow over its wider usage is “Does CBD show up in a drug test?” because there are cases where employees failed drug test when using CBD products. This primer will clarify doubts regarding the presence of CBD in a drug test.

What Is A Drug Test?

A drug test is part of many workplace requirements and usually the employer collects and sends urine samples to drug screening companies. The employer is looking for THC and not CBD and hence you won’t fail the test for CBD but may fail for residual THC. This is because THC level in CBD products varies depending on the product. Therefore, consuming such products may result in the drug test result to be positive. For example, if you consume CBD of around 1000ml per day, the residual THC can make the result positive.

The guideline of drug screening test for federal employees is that they can fail the test if the amount of THC metabolite (THC-COOH) is more than 50ng/ml. Moreover, in rare cases, other methods of testing such as saliva, hair or blood are also employed. It must be noted that older method like gas-chromatography mass spectrometry with the derivatization agent trifluoroacetic anhydride (TFAA) can result in false positives.

How Is THC Present In CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol oil is produced from the hemp plant and it contains cannabinoids including THC and CBD, besides federally legal hemp oil can have only up to 0.3% THC. Because of this, consuming high doses of CBD i.e., more than 1000ml per day is equal to taking 1mg of THC. Therefore, being liberal in cannabidiol consumption can make you test positive in a drug test for THC.

How Long Does CBD Stay In The Body?

The effects last from 90 minutes to several hours and are dependent on the dosage and physiology of the individual. The by-product of CBD is CBD-COOH and it stays in the body for several days.

How Much CBD Will Fail You A Drug Test?

Failing a drug test for THC because of consuming CBD product depends on various factors. Consuming a full spectrum CBD product in high doses can result in higher amounts of THC residual (THC-COOH). However, consuming isolates might also result in a positive drug test result although it is 99% pure CBD. This is because all products are not made equal and are of varying quality.

From the above points, it is obvious that if you do not regulate the use of CBD product then there are high chances of failing a drug test for THC. Moreover, our body stores THC in fat cells and burns into THC-COOH later; because of this, it lasts in the body for at least a month.