CBD And Your Gut? Is There A Connection

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
CBD Side Effects
CBD Side Effects

CBD has started being extensively used by today’s society, all credits thanks to the rather surprising results that the use of CBD has begun showing. We have seen countless instances of CBD being used for providing relief from chronic pain and anxiety, at a time when even many traditional western medicines were unable to give a solution. However, there is one avenue that has not been thoroughly though out. What can CBD do to your gut?! Is helping gut function one of the CBD benefits? Although mild headaches are a CBD side effect, this is dwarfed by the multitude of benefits of CBD, that has been seen time and again.

We will take a small journey on why we feel it is important to include CBD into your gut health regimen. Why gut health is important? We will try answering these very questions!

The gut is commonly called the “second brain” in the medical fraternity. Why? You may ask. It is because there is a direct link between the brain and the gut. Do you know why you feel over the moon, when you ace the exam you have been preparing for? Or why a mother feels elated when she holds her baby in her arms for the first time? It is because of a compound secreted called “serotonin” or the “feel good” hormone. Close to 90% of it is created in the gut! That is why we say, gut health, is good health!

How Does CBD Arm The Gut?

CBD actually plays quite a role in maintaining the integrity and function of the gut. It helps suppress certain secretions that would otherwise wreak havoc. Let us see in what way CBD helps out:

  • It Barricades TNF-Alpha

There exists a secretion called TNF-alpha which induces chronic inflammation. This can further lead to a condition called Gastric cancer. CBD affects the gut by suppressing the excessive production of TNF-alpha, which in turn allows for healthy inflammation response of the stomach.

  • CBD Can Have A Say In Gut Motility

The stretching and contracting of the muscles of the inner gastro walls is called gut motility. When motility is too fast, it causes watery bowel movements. When too slow, you end up with constipation. Use of CBD ensures that things move along neither too fast nor too slow, but in the middle ground.

 The research has been able to back it up well, and over time we are learning more and more about the amazing potential of CBD. It can be concluded that it can be a useful addition to supplement and support the wellbeing of your gut!