You Can Pass Drug Test When Using Pure CBD

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Pure CBD
Pure CBD
Pure CBD

The CBD revolution seems to have reached every nook and cranny of every society in most countries and the craze hasn’t peaked yet. People are in a mad scramble to know whether this miracle drug can work its miracle on them. The years of using over-the-counter drugs have taken a toll on the health of many users and they have started to pin their hopes on this life saving drug instead.

CBD with its interaction with key systems in the human body allow for it to produce an exhaustive list of benefits that is useful for anyone, old or young alike. It is for this very reason that CBD has become the new darling of the new generation and is being used, left, right and centre.

But with all of the things that it does do, one cause of worry among many of the users is whether CBD will put you in a bad spot, with the law that is. After all it is derived from the forbidden marijuana plant that has sent many to toil long years in prison. But should you be worried? Can you fail a drug test due to CBD? Let us find out…

The Facts Behind Drug Testing

It has been established that using CBD from cannabis extract will throw up a positive of the drug reports, but the CBD from hemp won’t. So if the CBD is pure and from a hemp plant, not necessarily from the flower, then the chances are you will pass the test!

Researchers have found that CBD did not react with either of the two main commercially available test used to screen marijuana use. But another compound in CBD products did…

Meet CBN Or Cannabinol

CBN like CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp plants. CBD has to do little to nothing with the psychoactive agent called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. However, CBN is much related with THC; as a matter of fact CBN is a derivative of it.

Do I Need To Worry?

Nope. Preliminary drug tests here are called immunoassays. These tests involve the use of antibodies to detect the presence of drug or particularly THC in the sample. Immunoassays are only screening tests. This is obviously followed by confirmatory test which will distinguish the CBN from the THC and you will be cleared nevertheless.

It has become protocol to conduct routine drug test for all employees in commercial offices. To prevent problems, it is best advised that you atleast be upfront about your CBD use, or else switch to pure CBD extracts.